Gina is a certified and licensed massage therapist with almost 25 years of experience as a massage therapist. She did her massage training in Colorado at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. Her specialties include prenatal and postpartum massage for both high and low risk pregnancies, as well as deep tissue massage and neuromuscular therapy for issues of chronic pain and injury – from repetitive motion, sports or accidents. Gina truly loves working on people of all ages and considers herself a massage therapist for the whole family. Her goal is to tailor each massage session to her client’s individual and unique needs, and she is experienced at coordinating her massage work with the treatment plans of other health professionals, such as chiropractors, physical therapists, medical doctors or midwives. She considers it a privilege to help facilitate better health, less stress and a pain-free life for her clients.  Gina grew up in Colorado and enjoys taking advantage of the beautiful weather and all of the fun that the mountains have to offer, especially hiking. She is the proud mom of two children – Violet, age 10 and Dashel, age 8 – they keep her happily busy and she truly loves being a parent.

To schedule with Gina, please call (303) 775 1915.